1. Sounds Nice

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Music and lyrics by Erin O'Neill
Composition and production by Shankar Tucker
Guitar by Balam Garcia
Cello by Danica Pinner


I could be free
From all that’s haunting me
I could let go
Let it blow away like smoke
But part of me loves the anguish
Part of me breathes anger like a rustling sand

Oh, can I live again?

What would I do
If I could just break loose?
Where would I go
If I would let go of the ropes?
My fear is not my friend
But I keep letting it in

I think it’s time it goes

And if I wasn’t sad and
Things weren’t so bad
I could start moving forward
And learn how to love myself
Learn to forgive myself

Oh, doesn’t that sound nice?

Yeah, that sounds nice

I think I’ll start tonight

Yeah, that sounds nice